3 Important Insulation Tips You Should Know

insulating your house is critical

Are you planning perth ceiling insulation, here three essential tips you need to put in your mind.

1. Decide whether you require insulation

If you are living in an older house you purchased, the first thing you need to determine is if the house has pre-existing insulation and if it requires it all. Take time to inspect the home and move around to check for features that necessitate insulation.

For instance, holes in the walls are a clear indication of the need for insulation. Check for presence of heat losing channels and inspect the design of such things like chimneys, fireplaces, ducts, windows and electrical outlets to determine if they play a role in heat escape.

2. Type of insulation for you

various leakage from your houseThere are four broad categories of home insulation. Loose fill involves the use of such material as glass fiber, mineral, and cellulose. The Batts category consists of the use of equipment such as cotton, various types of wool and fiberglass. The Rigid Board category involves the use of material such as glass fibers and composed plastic foams.

The last category, the expanding sprays, involves the use of propriety systems. Rigid and Batt systems are used mainly in situations requiring major restoration that need wall replacements or installation of insulation in previously unfinished places. Loose fill is the most common form of insulation because it insulates areas that are difficult to reach using other types of insulation. Besides, it has less influence on preexisting finishes.

3. The extent of insulation you need for the house

Not every house requires the same level of insulation. For that reason, it is good to consider the R-value of the insulating material. The R-value refers to the thermal resistance of the insulation material. This value has a scale between 1 and 40. The smaller the value, the hotter the region is. A house in the Northern Territory will require a near 40 value in its insulation because it is warm up in the North while that in Hobart will have a value close to 1 because of lower temperatures.