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3 Important Insulation Tips You Should Know

insulating your house is critical

Are you planning perth ceiling insulation, here three essential tips you need to put in your mind.

1. Decide whether you require insulation

If you are living in an older house you purchased, the first thing you need to determine is if the house has pre-existing insulation and if it requires it all. Take time to inspect the home and move around to check for features that necessitate insulation.

For instance, holes in the walls are a clear indication of the need for insulation. Check for presence of heat losing channels and inspect the design of such things like chimneys, fireplaces, ducts, windows and electrical outlets to determine if they play a role in heat escape.

2. Type of insulation for you

various leakage from your houseThere are four broad categories of home insulation. Loose fill involves the use of such material as glass fiber, mineral, and cellulose. The Batts category consists of the use of equipment such as cotton, various types of wool and fiberglass. The Rigid Board category involves the use of material such as glass fibers and composed plastic foams.

The last category, the expanding sprays, involves the use of propriety systems. Rigid and Batt systems are used mainly in situations requiring major restoration that need wall replacements or installation of insulation in previously unfinished places. Loose fill is the most common form of insulation because it insulates areas that are difficult to reach using other types of insulation. Besides, it has less influence on preexisting finishes.

3. The extent of insulation you need for the house

Not every house requires the same level of insulation. For that reason, it is good to consider the R-value of the insulating material. The R-value refers to the thermal resistance of the insulation material. This value has a scale between 1 and 40. The smaller the value, the hotter the region is. A house in the Northern Territory will require a near 40 value in its insulation because it is warm up in the North while that in Hobart will have a value close to 1 because of lower temperatures.


Commercial and Office Cleaning matters

Commercial and Office Cleaning guy

Hygiene is important

Sanitation and health are some of the most important innovations in the history of man. It allows us to stave the likelihood of any infections and it also improves our overall quality of life. This is especially true in the office setting, where hygiene is an imperative.

Although hygiene is vital in both the commercial and office environment, not many people are aware of its possible benefits. Some of the main ones including

Benefits of a professional setting

It communicates value to your clients

Maintaining high levels is important since it demonstrates value to your clients. In particular, it shows that you care about your client’s opinion and that you also value your work as well. A professional setting with high levels of hygiene is more likely to make a good impression on the client.

It’s part of having a hygienic work environment

various office space setupsBesides that, cleaning is also crucial since its part of having a hygienic environment. It’s important to note that surfaces and work components are often prone to dirt accumulation, stains, and bacteria. Therefore, performing the cleaning procedure is essential to keep your work area hygienic.

It motivates the company staff

This procedure is also necessary since it motivates your staff to be more productive. In fact, a clean environment is much more comfortable, which makes it simple for the team to meet company goals and tasks. Simply put, it shows that your staff that you care for them and that you also value your professional workplace.


In considering all the critical factors, keeping your professional setting clean at all times is an imperative. It provides you with a competitive edge over other similar companies in many ways. The added benefit is that you can invest in a reliable service provider to handle the entire procedure for your needs.

Unknown Benefits of Asphalt Paving


Asphalt paving provides one of the materials for driveways and other related pathways. As we all know, the driveway is one of the most important parts of your home. Therefore, there is a need for you to be very careful when choosing a material for its construction. Apparently, we suggest that you apply the use of Asphalt paving because of the many benefits that it has to offer. Some of them include:

1. It doesn’t have a high maintenance cost

While it’s true that installing Asphalt paving can be quite high as compared to other similar products, its overall ownership cost can be much less as compared to the same products. Because it is easy to take care of these types of paving, you do not have to conduct regular maintenance services. It saves you cash because you do not have to incur any maintenance cost and if anything, the more you use the Asphalt paving, the more you get to recover the cost you incurred during installation.

2. Takes less time to complete installation

During construction, you always prefer the structure be built or installed in the shortest time possible. This can be due to various factors such as weather change and accumulation of costs. Therefore, if you are seeking to make a pavement of a driveway, using Asphalt can be a wise idea because it dries faster as compared to concrete, which requires several days or even weeks to cure. With Asphalt paving, you can walk or drive on it as soon as installation is complete.

3. Asphalt paving increases the value of your property

If you use this material for constructing your driveway, it will raise the value of your house because of the quality that comes with it. Therefore, for commercial residential or if you are looking for a person to buy your home, installing driveways made of Asphalt will sure boost your properties value.

4. Enhances safety

As compared to others similar products that may pose some safety risks, Asphalt has the total guarantee of security. These types of pavements and driveways are safe to walk and ride on because of their smooth, natural physicality. On the contrary, driveways and pavements filled with rocky concrete may injure children or cause physical damages to your car tires.

5. Asphalt paving do not quickly succumb to natural disasters

When you install either driveways or pavements using these materials, you have the guarantee of durability even in the harshest of conditions. During severe weather such as floods, sidewalks made of other materials such as concrete run at a risk of being washed away. It is in contrast to Asphalt built pavements.


Asphalt paving has many benefits as compared to other similar building materials such as concrete. Some of those benefits include durability, low maintenance cost, easy to install and are safe for general family use. Even though they might be costly to fix, once they are in place they do not require any particular attention. The money you will save on maintenance cost will amount to the cost of installation in due course. They are therefore worth considering.

Five Problems That Require A Professional Plumber

get the right tools for the plumbing job

When it comes to plumbing, there are several little jobs that you can have a go at yourself. Unblocking the drain is easy to do at home, and even replacing the float in the toilet cistern or replacing the head on your shower.

But what about the times when DIY just won’t cut it? Some jobs are a job for the professionals. Tackling a job that’s too specialized can result in more damage and, ultimately, more money spent to fix it.

If you notice one of these five problems, it’s time to call out a professional plumber:

Low Or Inconsistent Water Pressure

If the water pressure throughout your home is too low, or just won’t stay constant, it’s time to ask a professional to take a look.

Water pressure problems can be caused by many things, including obstructions in the supply line or even problems with pipe design. A plumber can diagnose the issue and ascertain what needs doing.

Frozen Pipes

a professional plumber in actionIf your pipes freeze, don’t take the chance of busting or cracking a pipe by trying to thaw it yourself. Instead, get a plumber out to take a look and help you unfreeze your pipes with minimal damage.

Of course, if your pipe has already cracked, you need to call a plumber ASAP.

Bath That Won’t Drain

If your bath doesn’t drain, you might start off with a plunger or a drain unblocker to try and solve the issue. There’s nothing wrong with that, and these things can provide a quick and cheap remedy.

However, if you’ve tried your best and the bath still isn’t draining, give a plumber a call. If you leave it, the problem will only get worse.

Clogged Toilet

Much like the bath, if your toilet isn’t draining properly, you might start out tackling the issue yourself with a plunger. Sometimes this clears the toilet and sets it to rights again.

If the plunger treatment isn’t working, it’s time to ask a professional. There are several causes of a blocked toilet, and a plumber will be able to figure out where the problem lies.

Shower Valve Needs Replacing

Replacing a shower head by yourself can usually be done quickly, but replacing the shower valve is a job for a professional.

Tackling this job yourself is likely to be fiddly, not to mention the fact that you could accidentally damage your shower wall and end up even more out of pocket!

If any of these things are becoming an issue in your home, it’s time to give your local plumber a call. They’ll be able to get to the root of the problem and fix it for you with no damage to your plumbing, leaving things flowing just as they should.

Reasons You Should Hire Commercial Refrigeration Services

Commercial Refrigeration in Perth WA

If you deal with bulks of foods, medicines, or stuff that need cold temperatures storage, you can attest to the fact that commercial refrigerators are a must-have in your business.

It is mainly due to the efficient solutions that these systems provide to enable you to offer high-quality and customised services. For you to obtain the best results out of your freezer, you need to install it right, perform regular maintenance and deal with repairs if it malfunctions.
However, these functions cannot be attended to by you, without the knowledge of how to implement them which is the reason you should get commercial refrigerators for supermarkets. Apart from this, there are other reasons you need to hire these professionals and discussed below are the main.

1. Avoid unnecessary expenses

coldrooms and storage areasExperts who provide services for your cooling system can help you save excessive costs. To begin with, these experts will do a thorough job to make sure that you do not have to deal with issues with your fridge soon due to negligence. Hence, with them handling problems with your refrigerator, you can be sure to save much in the long-run. Besides, these experts can help you to get needed repair parts at a lower price.

It is because they have a lot of networks in the industry, to enable them to connect you to suppliers who offer high-quality and cheaper stuff for your freezer.

2. Benefit from fast services

Commercial refrigeration service providers offer quick and efficient services. These experts have the knowledge and expertise that can enable them to diagnose the problem quickly and deal with it. Besides, these professionals come equipped with the necessary equipment and tools to allow them to do a fast and effective job. With them, therefore, you can be assured not to close your business just to deal with repairs as you would do if you did it yourself.

3. Safety

frozen food all year longDealing with a cooling system repair is a dangerous and risky procedure, considering that you will be dealing with electrical parts. If you do not have the knowledge of how to do it right, the possible outcomes will be to cause more harm, than that which was there before the repair. Besides, with a do-it-yourself repair, you place yourself at the exposure of compromising your health and safety. All such risks are avoidable, only by taking into account the help of commercial refrigeration services. This is because these experts bear enough knowledge of the codes that need compliance with when dealing with freezers, to give best results.

4. Reduce breakdown risks

Commercial refrigeration service providers perform regular maintenance on your refrigerator. With these specialists, you can be sure to have all cropping issues on your coolant detected early. Such measures help lessen the chances of your cooling system breaking down. Hence, you can be sure to face fewer challenges when it comes to keeping all stuff stored in it fresh.

Without a professional providing your commercial refrigeration services, there is a greater chance that you will incur high costs in the long-run. Using low-quality repair parts, incorrect diagnosis of a problem, injuries, failure to diagnose the primary cause of the problem, are just but a few of the challenges that will make you incur high costs on a do-it-yourselfer.

To avoid high costs as a result of these mishaps, hire experts to deal with your freezer’s services and be sure to extend its lifespan too.

Reasons why you should buy furniture on the bulk rather than simply hiring for your events

organise the perfect event

Despite the compulsive nature of this wonderful product, some people still choose to hire from wholesale furniture suppliers rather than purchase. Is it because of the price issue? Worry no more. Here we provide you with the latest high-quality bulk furniture of different types at a reduced cost making it affordable for you especially during events.

1. Low price. You don’t have to continue spending huge sums of money hiring furniture for events. The amount you spent in a year on hiring is enough to enable you to acquire your own. That’s why we are offering you wholesale furniture at a bulk price to save you from incurring huge expenses in future unnecessarily. This includes dry bars, plastic stacking chairs, trestle tables and stackable bar stools

prepare your events the right way2. Wholesale furniture will reduce your transportation costs. Have you ever wondered the amount you spend on ferrying those chairs and tables from the place of hire to your home for events? It’s just incredible! You are simply spending a lot of money unnecessarily. Simply buy wholesale furniture and you will be done. You will have them in your house as the new owner. No further spending.

3. The exceptional quality of bulk furniture. Ever suffered from the embarrassment of hiring chairs for your guests only to sit and he/she finds himself on the floor? What are you waiting for? More embarrassment? Not. All our wholesale chairs are new and of excellent quality. If you make a decision to buy, this is what you will surely get.

4. A variety of its kind. Party or event furniture consists of a wide variety ranging from dry bars, stackable bar stools, trestle tables and plastic stacking chairs. Just imagine getting all these in one place. It also gives you the rare opportunity to choose from the different assortment available. You will be intrigued by at least one of them and experience self-fulfillment by purchasing. So do it.

5. Incomparable convenience. This type of furnishing is very convenient to buy especially if the party or event involves few guests. Why hire outdoor plastic stackable chairs when you only have ten people! You are better off if you simply buy them. Remember you will need them in future.

6. Wholesale chairs for beautification purposes. Imagine how a bar, restaurant or your house would look like without any furniture. I am pretty sure that the ugly scene won’t impress anyone. By buying nice looking and embellished furniture like the stackable bar tools, the place will look so beautiful. You will love it. You will appreciate your decision. I tell you. Your guests will like the sight too.

It’s obvious that the advantages of buying wholesale chairs for events far outweigh the benefits associated with just hiring. It saves your money in the long run, is convenient, you are guaranteed full ownership of the furniture among others. We, therefore, encourage people to make smart choices because that is what smart people do.

Benefits of Portable Solar Panels

solar energy to power up your installation

A portable solar panel is a device technologically advanced to meet our energy emergencies as we travel. These emergencies may include phone charging, camping and electricity failures.
The invention of these kit panneau solaire camping car has solved so many emergencies in the last few years making everyone’s life better. Portable solar panels are mostly familiar with camping enthusiast involved in outdoor adventures.

This article will focus on the advantages of these solar panels. These benefits are:

Environmental Friendly

What is the main source of power for these portable panels? Most of these portable panels are powered by solar energy as their primary source of energy. Most campers have switched from using generators which emit harmful fumes to the air not forgetting the noise produced by these generators.

Generators use fuel as a source of energy; this fuel undergoes combustion emitting toxic gasses into the atmosphere which has gradually destroyed our flora and fauna. These disadvantages associated with the use of generators and other portable devices powered by fuel has caused a great demand for portable solar devices. Some camps are nowadays banning the use of generators to help reduce noise and to reduce the release of carbon into the atmosphere.

Cost Efficient

camping car using solar panelsThe cost of purchasing a solar panel may be expensive compared to generators, but if compare the overall costs of buying and running the two sources, solar panels will be cheap in the long term. The solar panel is a big saving after purchasing; maintenance costs are very few because solar panels are both dust and water proof. Solar panels also don’t require fuelling like generators hence any running costs.

Reliable Energy

Sun is a natural source of energy, and solar panels collect power directly from the sun thus providing consistency in the supply of energy thus safe. Nowadays people have invited portable solar energies that require just natural light to provide energy; such solar energy is reliable even at night.

Emergency Power

Power blackouts nowadays are common due to the increased demand for power more that we can produce in the meantime. These power blackouts have led to increased demand for portable solar energies.

Darkness and the powerless environment is not a perfect environment for humans to inhabit nowadays, in fact, that would be the last thing people will prefer.

portable solar panels for backpack

You will regularly need an emergency and reliable source of energy especially when camping. Again most countries and parks are prohibiting the use of fuel powered generators to reduce noise and help in maintain our ecology. This has led to increased demand for portable solar energies.

Forklift Operation Safety Checklist in Australia

main causes of injuries and accidents


Forklift operation is a task that requires the driver to have the proper skills and training. The Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) states 70 percent of work accident and injuries related incident happen in the workplace when people ignore the safety measures.

In Australia, the Australian Standard AS2359.2 of 1985 Powered Industrial Trucks sets the regulations for operating, maintaining, repairing, and modifying of the forklift trucks. It is mandatory that companies and individuals operating such machinery should comply with the requirements.

Here is a sample checklist that ensures the safety of the operator and other employees/people.

Understand the main causes of injuries and accidents:

  • Forklift selection is importantPedestrians crashing or getting stuck by the forklifts
  • Operators being crashed during loading and off-loading
  • People falling on the forks from raised surfaces
  • Workplace design
  • The forklift operating area should be different from pedestrian zone
  • Are there barriers to protect pedestrians?
  • Are there zebra crossings and walkways for pedestrians?
  • Are there any mirrors or warning sites at all blind spots?

Forklift selection

Is the machine ideal for use on all operating surfaces in the workplace?

Is it the appropriate size?

Does it have a fitted seatbelt?
Does it have a readable chart and do the employees understand it?
Does it have a speed control device fitted to it?

Skills of operator

Is the operator qualified to run the machine?

daily checks to run on a forktruckAre they licensed?
Who is supervising the unlicensed operators, if any?
Do the operators understand the safety hazards and safe working procedures?
What is the procedure for reporting damages or incidents?

Forklift conditions

Is there a pre-operational checklist for each machine?
Is there maintenance and repair records?

Answering NO to any of the questions means there is room for disaster to occur. It is crucial to implement the controls for the sake of the employees’ health and safety. If you are looking for a forklift for sale, you should consider these pointers!

How To Deal With Blocked Drains

plumbing contractor fixing pipes


Blocked drains are one of the most common problems that all Australian families face. However, there are several easy solutions that you can try yourself before seeking professional help.
In this article, we look at some simple ways in which you can unblock your sink, shower or bath using items that you probably already have in your home.

First Steps

The first step to take when dealing with blocked drains is to remove any debris such as hair that may be clogging the plug hole. If the water still does not drain away, you could try using a plunger to see if it releases the blockage. If this too fails to produce a result, you could try one of the following options.

Use A Wire Coat Hanger

reason why drains get stuck

Take a wire coat hanger from your wardrobe and bend it so that it is straight. Using pliers, bend one end to make a hook shape and push it through the plug hole to try to release any gunk that is blocking the drain.

Make sure to pull any debris upwards rather than pushing it down as that will only make the blockage harder to shift. Once you have removed as much as possible, run your hot tap and hopefully the water will drain away.

Use Vinegar And Baking Soda

Another solution that using ingredients found in most Australian homes is to mix a third of a cup of vinegar with a third of a cup of baking soda. Pour the fizzing liquid straight into the drain and leave overnight to unblock the pipes.

Use A Wet & Dry Vacuum

If you are the owner of a wet and dry vacuum, you can use it to unclog your drain. Change the setting to vacuum up liquids, create as tight a seal as possible over the plug hole and the turn the vacuum on at its highest setting. It often draws the debris causing the blockage up and into the bag.

Use a Steam Cleaner to clean the drain

Using a steam cleaner can greatly improve how the water flows into your pipes and drains and will help protect your installation for years to come. Find more here www.les-balais-vapeur.com

Cleaning Out The Pipe

getting water is an essentiel needAlthough not a pleasant job, removing the U-bend trap of your sink’s pipe will help to unblock your pipes.

Remember to put a bucket under the U-bend first to catch any waste water that comes out of the pipe. Undo the slip nuts at both sides of the pipe with a wrench and then remove the trap, tipping it upside down to release any blockages. If necessary, use an old toothbrush to loosen any residue inside the pipe, then rinse it with clean water and screw back into place. It should unblock the drain.

Baking Soda And Salt

Mix half a cup of baking soda with the same amount of salt and tip into the blocked drain. Leave it to stand for between 10 and 20 minutes then pour a kettle full of boiling water down the drain.

The chemical reaction produced should unclog your pipes effectively.

If none of these tips works, it is probably time to call in professional help. A plumber will be able to use professional grade products to remedy your blocked pipes in no time.

Essential home services and their benefits

working water is always good

When it comes to taking good care of your property, it will come the point in time when you have to invest in the services of a professional service provider to help you ensure that all aspects are working in optimal quality each time. It is because, sometimes the complication is much more than a DIY repair job can mitigate, and you may benefit by having the contacts of a reliable service provider that is close to your proximity.


Emergency plumbing services

get the help of a real professionalThe first important factor to consider is that you should have the contacts of a professional plumbing service provider. It is because plumbing equipment can sometimes be damaged in remote areas or perhaps profoundly damaged such that you may not be able to acquire water for food preparation or perhaps for cleaning. A plumbing service provider will often cater for your plumbing needs and provide you with additional advice on what you may be able to do cure the complication and produce the ideal results each time.

Electrical emergency services

Another important factor to consider when it comes to home services is that you may need to have the contacts of an electrical emergency service provider to help you cater for your electrical complications. Whether, it’s your HVAC unit, or its perhaps your home wiring equipment, the power service provider always has a solution for your unique needs. In fact, it’s important to note that some of the electrical appliances and wirings are operating at high voltages and it is, therefore, important that you contact a professional to cater for the complication.


Here are some of the benefits of contacting a professional service provider for your home:

Professional services

These types of service provider will often provide you with the benefit of professional services each time for your needs. Simply put, you are sure that only people with experience, competence, and knowledge to help you mitigate your any complication at your home will be sent to your seen. In most cases, the job is often completed swiftly such that you can resume your day to day activities as soon as possible.

Satisfaction guarantee

cloaged pipes are not funBesides that, another important benefit is that you are sure that you will receive the ideal benefits for your investment each time. In fact, most of these service provider are often concerned about their track record when it comes to working with clients. It is because it is their track record that can attract future customers and will also improve their company ethos as well.

Convenient services and 24/7 services

Unlike the conventional DIY service where you may need to spend hours at the store searching for repair parts and effort as well, the professional service provider will help you mitigate the complication at a pocket-friendly service. In fact, all may only need to do is to make a call to the given service provider for a timely response.


Finally, when it comes to ensuring that your property is functioning at optimal levels and that any complication is remedied in good time, then a suggestion for you would be to contact your reliable service provider each time.

How to Repair your Washing Machine Overflow Issues


Troubles with your washing machine drain pipe?

Our beloved house is from 1968 and of course the overflow a little distance from our washing machine drainpipe happened to be our first big home disaster as homeowners.

When the strain was finished, all of the garments and also a washer full of water were dumped on the floor.

I assume we should have carefully checked the patched plaster on the wall at the back of the washing machine. That was a real cluster that overflow off of the drain pipe had occurred in the past.

Strong from this bad experience, we know it is a sign to search for in old houses. When moving in the water started spilling everywhere throughout the drain cycle of the washing machine, we told ourselves we usually had an actual problem. Old houses like this one date back when commercial washing machines were less efficient and didn’t require as much regarding a pipe to empty them. Today’s XL capacity laundry equipment use much more water than the old models and can hopefully spit it out faster. The result? The pipe that this machine drains into can get overwhelmed and spill out the water– all over the floor.

When you’ve determined that the mash inlet valve is broken.

Replacing it is quite easy take it away from the device as described below. Locate your model number and buy the new part.

common-pipe-issues-with-washersWhether or not to experience a low water use washing machine you will have the same issue if lint a little distance from wash clogs in the drain. That’s what went down to us. We would therefore clean the drain out and this would work as a quick fix which would not last really long…
Should you have the same problem be sure you shut off the manual valve in which the hose connects beyond just the wall. If your water inlet valve fails within the closed position you can do away with a big mess in your floor however no water will approach the washing machine.

When the washing machine is just above stopping and filling at an extremely high level then will be the water level control switch.
There are a couple of how to check the fluid inlet valve mounted on the back individuals washer in which the hoses connect with the washer. You can use an ohmmeter and test the resistance. I were able one of these, so I found out a straightforward low tech way that will work if yours is stuck in the open position or leaking.

For a quick fix, you will have the chance to reach out to a plumbing professional and have now the drain perfectly cleaned. We used such a professional services several times a day and discovered that would fix the issue for a short period. After several months of intense use, we would come through another problem again. We spoke to plumbers who helped to unclog our drain. One tried to insert a big pipe within the wall, although it wouldn’t assist clogging because of the dimensions of the pipe that was on our floor.

Another referenced placing pump inside the pipe, but he wasn’t sure of the result.

Plumbing problems might be the cause of washing machine failure; however, it could be very important ensure it isn’t a real trouble with the washer right before you call a professional because plumbing maintenance ends where the device’s problems begin. Troubleshooting the washing machine will indicate no matter whether or not this is a machine or plumbing issue.

Home Invasion – Lower Your Risks

protecting your family at all costs

Protecting your family at all costs

No one wants to be a victim, and especially not in one’s home.

So let’s discuss what you can do to minimise your chances of having an intruder enter your residence. First, it seems obvious but has an alarm system.
Second, make yourself a hard target. Third, remember it is okay to deceive the criminals. Lastly, have a plan. These are not necessarily in any order of importance, and each house and neighbourhood are different.

You have probably heard that would-be home invaders are often deterred by the alarm company sign in the yard and on doors.

This is often true and having the sign is better than nothing at all. Having an alarm system installed and armed is better still. Be sure that you arm your system even when you are inside.

Silent alarms may be better for catching the intruders, but a loud audible alarm is usually better for getting them to leave before any real harm is done. There are several options available, and you should consult a professional in your area. Have an alarm system and use it!

There may be other steps you can take to make yourself a hard target for burglars.

Kids should not open up the doors to strangers

Kids should not open up the doors to strangers

The goal is to make your home look less welcoming to a home invasion than the others in your neighbourhood. This could be aided by “beware of dog” signs, bars on your windows, surveillance cameras, motion-activated lights, and many other measures. You want to make the thieves move on to something that looks easier.

Deception is okay when you are trying to prevent home intruders.

Here, deception applies to any steps you take to create an illusion of more security precautions or anything that would make a criminal believe your home was not worth the risk. For any of these precautions to be effective, you must behave as if every security measure is functional. For example, if you have fake security cameras, check them periodically and make sure they are aimed properly and not blocked by anything. Also, do not trust your neighbours with knowledge of what features work and which ones do not (remember, they are trying to make their home a less attractive target than yours).

Finally, have a plan for what you would do if a criminal violated your residence.

Discuss the plan and practice it with your housemates. This article cannot tell you what plan will be best for you, but be prepared and know what each person in your house is going to do. You have to increase your chances of surviving the situation.

Protecting property and catching the bad guy are not the main objective.

Having someone intrude on your privacy in what should be a safe place for you could be devastating. No amount of preparation or planning will guarantee success, but these step should lower your chances of having a home invasion.