Ultimate Interior Home Painting Guide

painting is a skill


True, there is nothing as refreshing as coming home to an aesthetically pleasing abode with warming colors to welcome you immediately you walk in. However, you would want to know that a quality paint job is no mean feat to achieve even for the most accomplished DIY enthusiasts. It is a task that can only be done with proper planning and impeccable execution. The bottom line is successful home interior painting revolves around a plethora of factors and not just the color of paint; contrary to common perception.

If you’ve given it a serious thought and want to trade in that monotonous look for something more elegant, serene or modern, you will have to roll up those sleeves and get ready to express yourself using a brush – just like Picasso. Don’t get ahead of yourself, though. Below are some essential DIY painting steps every homeowner should have at their fingertips.

The Ultimate Interior Home Painting Guide

So, what if you paint the entire living space only to find the colour unpleasant or overwhelming eventually? Or perhaps, not sure about what colour exactly to go for in a particular space within your home? Well, you could do a lot worse than these essential tips.

What to buy – as a rule of thumb, always start your project with the purchase of a quart instead of large amounts of paint if you aren’t certain.

make sure you are using the right tools

Make sure you are using the right tools

Follow through by painting a sizeable piece of foam board before applying anything on the wall. By moving the board around the space to have an idea of what exactly to expect, you can then make an informed decision based on absolutes and not just guesswork. Also keep in mind that colour means nothing if the paint quality is by conventional standards.

Surface preparation – any painting expert will tell you that paint doesn’t adhere well to dirty walls and in fact, you can end up making the situation worse than before if not careful. That said, it is of paramount importance to clean the walls using warm, soapy water before rinsing and letting them dry overnight. For the ceiling, get rid of the cobwebs regardless of how tiny using an old brush.

Painting Tips

– Paint trays can be quite daunting and time consuming, which is why it would indeed serve your interests to skip them and instead opt for five gallon buckets and a roller screen inside. This should save time on re-fills.
– If you must take a break while painting a space at home, use plastic wraps to cover the rollers and refrigerate to avoid having to clean them up every time the going gets tough – it will, trust me.
– Painting can get quite messy, and this only translates to more time considering the clean-up.
To avoid paint pouring out of the can after re-filling, poke holes in the can’s rim using a hammer and nail. This allows it to moderately drip back inside – physics comes in handy after all, who knew?

All said, painting at home can be fun and interesting – but only if you follow the steps above. Good Luck.

Which Garden Works Best For You

Some people look at a garden as a place where they can relax after a long day’s work, while others; simply want to grow fresh flowers, vegetables or plants. Regardless of which side of the fence you are, – speaking – having a garden can be quite beneficial. Indeed, it is possible to achieve both.

japanese still trim of a treeBasically, you want to create a serene, yet productive garden space where you can blow off some steam as you watch your plants grow before of course; harvest season.

Whether you want to throw in a classy water fountain, or perhaps, grow some fresh vegetables for healthy living; it all boils down to proper planning eventually. It is also worth noting that the site selection can determine whether or not you succeed in your project.

For instance, it would be in your best interest to select a well-drained site, with at least six hours of direct sunlight every day if you seek a bumper harvest – my favourite part when it comes to gardening as you may have noticed by now.

To break it down for you, here are the different types of home gardens, to help you figure out which works best for you.

Types of Home Gardens:

Having high expectations is fine – until of course, you expect the garden to provide all the vegetables you need from Mother Nature to feed the family. First, figure out which garden works best for your property before embarking on anything else. Here are the most popular home gardens for a modern and healthy living.

Containers gardens – for those on a budget and lack enough space for any large scale gardening project, container gardens can come in handy. All you have to do is procure pots that drain well, and you are ready to plant your seeds. With this, you not only get to skip the daunting part where you have to create the beds, but also skip the tiring weeding processes. They are also much easier to water and manage, more so for those with physical limitations.

amazing garden designs

Rooftop gardens – gardening enthusiasts will tell you that these are the in-thing and for good reason. The best part, though, is they greatly enhance a building’s aesthetics and skyline and if you’ve ever seen one; you will concur that they indeed do look great. Besides this, roof gardens also alleviate flooding, reduce noise pollution and save on energy bills by reducing the temperatures indoors. They are relatively cheap and can hold immense amounts of water.

Side yard gardens – side yards are those somewhat tricky parts between a house and the property’s demarcation. I call them tricky because they are often overlooked, significantly under-utilized and regularly used as passageways from the front to the back yards. If well used, though, side yards can be quite beneficial thanks to the low traffic in these areas. In short, you can almost always be guaranteed of a bumper harvest with side gardens.

In a nutshell, the above home gardens can greatly enhance your health quest by providing fresh vegetables and plants for consumption. Not to mention the fact that you need not fret over burning holes in your pocket considering you won’t have to buy vegetables ever – if properly executed.