Home Invasion – Lower Your Risks

protecting your family at all costs

Protecting your family at all costs

No one wants to be a victim, and especially not in one’s home.

So let’s discuss what you can do to minimise your chances of having an intruder enter your residence. First, it seems obvious but has an alarm system.
Second, make yourself a hard target. Third, remember it is okay to deceive the criminals. Lastly, have a plan. These are not necessarily in any order of importance, and each house and neighbourhood are different.

You have probably heard that would-be home invaders are often deterred by the alarm company sign in the yard and on doors.

This is often true and having the sign is better than nothing at all. Having an alarm system installed and armed is better still. Be sure that you arm your system even when you are inside.

Silent alarms may be better for catching the intruders, but a loud audible alarm is usually better for getting them to leave before any real harm is done. There are several options available, and you should consult a professional in your area. Have an alarm system and use it!

There may be other steps you can take to make yourself a hard target for burglars.

Kids should not open up the doors to strangers

Kids should not open up the doors to strangers

The goal is to make your home look less welcoming to a home invasion than the others in your neighbourhood. This could be aided by “beware of dog” signs, bars on your windows, surveillance cameras, motion-activated lights, and many other measures. You want to make the thieves move on to something that looks easier.

Deception is okay when you are trying to prevent home intruders.

Here, deception applies to any steps you take to create an illusion of more security precautions or anything that would make a criminal believe your home was not worth the risk. For any of these precautions to be effective, you must behave as if every security measure is functional. For example, if you have fake security cameras, check them periodically and make sure they are aimed properly and not blocked by anything. Also, do not trust your neighbours with knowledge of what features work and which ones do not (remember, they are trying to make their home a less attractive target than yours).

Finally, have a plan for what you would do if a criminal violated your residence.

Discuss the plan and practice it with your housemates. This article cannot tell you what plan will be best for you, but be prepared and know what each person in your house is going to do. You have to increase your chances of surviving the situation.

Protecting property and catching the bad guy are not the main objective.

Having someone intrude on your privacy in what should be a safe place for you could be devastating. No amount of preparation or planning will guarantee success, but these step should lower your chances of having a home invasion.